Black Women on Death Row
Andrea Jackson
Antoinette Frank
Carolyn King
Carlette Parker
Catherine Thompson
Celeste Carrington
Donetta Hill
Dora Wright
Frances Newton
Kenisha Berry
Lagayle Kimberly McCarthy
Latasha Pulliam
Linda Carty
Patricia Blackmon

Andrea Jackson
Death sentence switched to life
On May 1983 at Boulevard and 26th streets as Police Office Bevel, 29, attempted to arrest Jackson, then 24, on a charge of filing a false police report about vandalism to her car. The shooting took place as Bevel struggled to get Jackson into a police car. After dropping her keys to catch Bevel off guard, Jackson fired six shots, striking Bevel four times in the head and two times in the shoulder.
A jury convicted Jackson of first-degree murder.
Europeans Baffled by US Support of Death Penalty
Chief Circuit Judge Donald R. Moran stunned a Jacksonville courtroom when he changed his sentence.

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